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through the other too Yadi two well-known brands of micro-blog promotion mode analysis, on 2014 micro-blog promotion

how to do?


FOTILE pulls the bond between its fans through 2 micro activities a month. Yadi by millions, tens of millions of micro-blog large forwards, the effective dissemination of content to micro-blog.

Sina [fans] first time offline activities or events displayed on Sina micro-blog first page. Can achieve four points: crowd locking, controllable time, regional precision, controllable budget.

The same point:


first, the dissemination of content, manufacturing ability is very tough.

1, micro-blog copywriter has a high standard of writing. Close to the user to make a good impression, it is worth stopping to pay attention to.

2, the picture is beautifully designed. Make users more easily moved, interested in micro-blog content.

3, micro-blog’s plan is in place. Including content topics, activities, planning, activities, material grasp.

two, its own fans reach an order of magnitude. Ensure that micro-blog content has a basic amount of reading.

three, the purpose is to maximize the effect of communication, so that brand influence a step further.

FOTILE Yadi differences:

one, FOTILE forwarding comments are relatively close, interactive effect is better. Yadi way to pay more attention to communication, interaction.

two, there is a difference in the cost budget. FOTILE is the active material cost, Yadi is a one-time payment to third party companies.

three, FOTILE is the official self organization, can train the training team, accumulate experience. Yadi is need third party participation, relatively easy.

give yourself a sentence: when you don’t know how to do micro-blog, look at the big names,


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