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practice, experience, practice the truth, these two phrases speak well. How do you know the truth when you don’t practice it yourself?. If every day is imaginary, it is not good to learn.

makes a metaphor. It’s like when we learn to swim, we watch people swim in the water every day on the shore, but we don’t go in and try it ourselves. When you go to school on the beach and swim well, you throw yourself into the water, and you end up drowning yourself.


website is the same, only myself from the station slowly began to do, slowly accumulated experience, such as how to manage the website, how to upload the website, how to make the site is not easily being attacked, how to prevent hackers and so on a series of problems, when one day your site is small black people or management problems, so this time you will naturally try to prevent it from happening again, so you can learn something, when you really a big website, will these small problems or.

there are many users who want to do web sites or forums. They often ask me how I have been promoted, and we have his own website. They have agreed that they don’t have any. Oh, my God! I don’t have any websites. I want to learn website promotion. I can’t think of it. You know I asked them what is the reason? They said: now every day on the Admin5 to look at other people’s articles, learning experience, such as his rich experience, to buy the domain name and space, now lack of experience is not worth buying the domain name and space. Hear here, how a dizzy word?. Finally, I can only say to them: "then you every day on the Admin5 to see the article on the line, the above a lot of experts.".

in this case I Speechless, spend one hundred or two hundred yuan to buy a domain name and space are not willing to learn, but also others network promotion, I don’t think. The latest code, you have to have a web site or forum, and then according to some of the ideas you see on the Internet, apply to your website promotion, so that you can know whether this promotion method is good or not. Is not a certain promotion methods are suitable for each type of website, but also to understand clearly that your website is facing the main browsing crowd what, do not blindly do publicity, hoping to achieve a multiplier effect is the master.

for those who want to grow on the network and some friends hesitate, please do not hesitate, act immediately, and truly join this piece of our network. It’s a good thing not to hesitate and think adequately, but there are many things that we miss so many opportunities because of our own indecision. Friends, let us go east up, don’t hesitate, because we have youth and vigor.

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