Website reputation promotion is divided into three steps

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most people are unfamiliar with word of mouth promotion, and they think it is more mysterious than SEO. In fact, any kind of promotion methods are regular, and word of mouth publicity is no exception. Generally speaking, word of mouth propaganda can be divided into three steps:

step 1: let users remember your website

wants users to remember your site, and you need to do the following:

1, website should have characteristics, including positioning, content, design and so on;

2, especially good to show, let users quickly know your website to bring its benefits;

3, the domain name is particularly easy to remember and spread, the name of the website is also particularly easy to remember and spread.

second step: let users browse when feeling very good,

1, server speed must be fast; this is a very important factor, users feel faster, will naturally like your site.

2, website design must be humane; Web site design does not follow the same pattern to imitate, want to stand to the user’s point of view to consider, how to make the user convenient, how to design.

3, your benefits are very straightforward performance; many sites have a lot of good things, but always make very hazy, it is difficult for users to go to your site at the first glance to see your benefits. Do web site is not engaged in art, do not engage in obscurity, the more direct the better.

third step: in the key position, suggesting that the user to word of mouth publicity

if you don’t remind users, most users will not take the initiative to help you propaganda, but once the important position in the web page in your hint that the user, you think you love website, website users will help you word-of-mouth. Here’s a tip. You have to exaggerate your users first, and then suggest that users do word of mouth, and let the user feel that it’s reminding him and helping him. Instead of using him.

to master word-of-mouth promotion, you need to try to figure out the user’s psychology, and then in accordance with the above three steps, the process of many details are well done. Word of mouth promotion is one of the most important strategies in network marketing strategy. Word-of-mouth promotion is good. It can not only improve the website traffic, but also enhance the website viscosity and enhance the brand of the website.

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