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April 11th, stationmaster net (admin5.com) of all the members in the figure under the leadership of the king, visited the mountain of Yuntai Mountain. Yuntai Mountain is an ecological tourist attraction, covering an area of more than 190 square kilometers. It occupies a very high position in the domestic tourist attractions, and has a beautiful scenery, which is a good choice. Just choose Yuntai Mountain, too many people, the visitors soon shoulder, overcrowded. The author and colleagues sigh with emotion the beauty of the landscape in Yuntai Mountain, while lamenting the number of visitors. When can tourist attractions be limited to the highest number of visitors to the park, giving visitors a relaxing and spacious space to experience the beauty of the scenic spots?

the number of visitors from the scenic spots, I think of the number of domestic webmasters. With the rapid development of the Internet, coupled with last year’s CN domain name 1 yuan activities, so that the number of webmaster surge. In the stationmaster net only registered user has 150 thousand, stationmaster net trades the registered user of forum to have 200 thousand. More and more users into the webmaster, webmaster site is increased, the domestic well-known master industry website webmaster nets, the laggards, China station, China station, stationmaster industry is thriving.

I can not help but doubt? How much personal websites, personal Adsense this cake? Personal webmaster of this industry in the China for nearly ten years, especially a breakthrough in recent years, many people see the rapid development and huge profits in this industry, have joined them. However, this industry to bring much profit? How much space for the development of the industry in the end? Is not all the webmaster can share a piece of cake? I believe that many people into the ranks of the original owners accidentally saw a senior success on the Internet, blood boiling, then add the confidence of webmaster. As we all know, in the early stage of the station, we must experience the inhuman training and suffering to see the shadow of success, and success is only a small number of people. A successful predecessor, does not mean that all people can succeed, every success is hard won, even with misunderstanding and exclusion, perseverance, in order to go through the darkness before dawn, to see the dawn of success.

Internet is an opportunity, is a shared communication platform, personal network can make you success, but if to endure hardships and setbacks, the site has been K, poor promotion, do not flow and so on are everyday problems, it is almost impossible to succeed. If you think that buy a domain name, buy a space, get some data to build a website to be able to make money, you don’t know what is the webmaster, also will not adhere to and failed because.

finally, the author suggests to enter but not to enter the ranks of webmaster friends, rational choice of career, because this road is not easy; also bless the new owners, and has fought for many years in the ranks of owners of the old webmaster, can develop their own personal website in the world.

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