Why do users share on websites and application sharing buttons What is the motivation

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the weekend watching Hayao Miyazaki’s "goodbye" by Aoi Teshima Honghua Osaka, a song "goodbye summer" completely conquer, listen to an afternoon is not fun, easily in the QQ music on WeChat to find and share the circle of friends, attracted a bunch of friends. Open QQ space, found that many students with the latest watermark camera drying scenery, sun baby, sun food. Open the Tencent micro-blog news events at a glance around, he forwarded a micro-blog search for their loved ones, the hearts of blessing, hope the lost family reunion earlier.

in such an era, sharing behavior is everywhere, and sharing buttons can be seen everywhere. However, I think the cause is, is not in web applications on a shared button, users will go to share? There are so many websites and applications are added to the share button, why some websites and applications rarely share the contents of many people and some people share content? What is the motivation of users to share

?Before thinking about the sharing behavior of users on the web,

can first think about the sharing behavior of people in real life. Before the web, we often share the channel in the dining table, one family dinner to share this informative day; most often share the person is very close to me around, relatives, neighbors, classmates, colleagues and so on.

sharing behavior has existed since ancient times. It can be said that human beings are born with a natural instinct. How to understand the "innate" and "nature"? Darwin has mentioned a very interesting thing in "human and animal expression", is why people are born with fear? Because the original human beings living in an environment not threatened by growing crises, in Bao Xi, on snake, tiger, lion and other animal fear can make humans away from them independently, thus better able to survive in the world. A scream made by a person when he fears, can be understood as an alarm to warn a companion or ask for help from a companion. This act of fear, like branding, exists in our genes and becomes our innate ability. The risk of electricity is very high, why children plugged into the jack in the finger when not conscious of fear? Darwin’s explanation is that electricity is only a hundred years of things, the human brain has not yet formed of instinctive fear. So I think, in the primitive society, where there is substantial companion told wild, where is dangerous, all information sharing is more conducive to the ethnic groups in the natural environment to survive, so we can understand why the sharing behavior is a kind of "innate" behavior.


if you want to talk about user sharing motivation, I think we can sum up from the following aspects:

, first of all, user sharing is, to some extent, an act of self presentation. Zhang Xiaolong says that micro-blog is essentially a place where users build another self. See in micro-blog’s "I" photos, according to my best photos (so that Meitu Xiu Xiu.

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