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visit a website, you must know the domain name of the website, this is the most basic entrance of the website.

uses a web site user, one of whom is a primary user, who knows which site to visit when he doesn’t know what site to visit. The other is an advanced user, who often visits a website and writes it down, usually in IE’s favorites. There is also a user will use, and that is the webmaster, he will through this way to promote the site.

URL station has the following types of

1. shows shape

okay, 123, http://s.www.hao123.com

265 navigation online http://s.www.265.com

the earliest domestic web site, hao123 was acquired by Baidu, such imitation of the site appeared a lot, but it is difficult to do so again to his success. Later developed professional areas of navigation, such as tourism, navigation, regional sites, navigation, etc.. Such sites are used by primary users.

2. URL chain

51 strand http://s.www.51link.com/

this is the webmaster to submit web site, and then get the code, stick on the web site, and bring traffic to each other, but also induce users to click, found interested in the site. At the same time also brought traffic to the webmaster.

3. links

inout http://s.inout.donews.com/

this is the webmaster or BLOGER first submit url to the platform, then the platform Links, with links to the more links platform, get the higher ranking, the better the recommended position, at the same time to bring traffic to the webmaster.

4. share + comment

Web2.0 site collection http://s.web2list.cn/

users share the sites they find with other users, while all users can evaluate the site.

5. personal collection,

global Chinese Web site favorites http://s.www.popolook.com

The public section of the

site shows the sites recommended by the web site. Personal registration, collection of personal web site.

6. Collection + tag

Cape of Good Hope http://s.www.wang1314.com

QQ bookmarks http://s.shuqian.qq.com

users collect web sites while also tagging websites, >

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