Pack from Taobao’s multiple Pinterest products for a glimpse of Taobao product strategy

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‘s latest data show that Pinterest has surpassed Tumblr, LinkedIn and Google+, becoming the nation’s third popular social networking site after Facebook and Twitter. The popularity of Pinterest has also led to the development of reading graphic websites, which has exceeded the trend of group buying explosive growth.

But this kind of website

profit basically rely on electronic business platform, in the big and small game player in succession after admission, the electricity supplier bigwigs are eager for a fight. As a leader in the domestic electricity supplier, Taobao naturally does not want to let the external web site to make all of this money go, so also launched its own class Pinterest products.

previously Taobao class Pinterest products "circle" released beta news, and recently there is another class of Taobao Pinterest products – "stubborn rabbit" today (April 11th) official release of the news. Coupled with love shopping, wow, Amoy pictorial and other early graphics products, we found that Taobao has at least 5 similar pictures shopping guide products,




, let’s get a rough idea of these products:

Amoy illustrated is relatively early sellers "resources" in the Taobao platform, but also the earlier type electricity supplier shopping guide products. Among them, the main pictures of Taobao sellers, through the registration entrance recommended by Taobao small two audit and release.

wow is actually the previous Amoy share "is the main content of consumers after the completion of the purchase of goods in the Taobao share. It is more like a beautiful, so that relatively pure social electricity supplier products.

love shopping share is a commodity, found in the community, users can directly through the link sharing, wow part among them. This product is somewhat similar to at the interface.

circle is for the Taobao user’s interest group. People feel like watercress based on Taobao products, the product design seems to be able to find the shadow of scouring gangs.

rabbit stubborn is more like a pure Pinterest products, users can purchase contains links and other information at the same time sharing pictures.

we know that beauty and are social electricity supplier website, but also Taobao insiders revealed to us, "wow" and "love shopping" is actually the same product. Shopping in love is a shopping tool based on Taobao goods, which helps users to filter out a large amount of merchandise.

, director of the rabbit products team, told us, "the rabbit community is based on a wider range of content that includes more pictures, and the picture contains, but is not limited to, the Taobao graphics."

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