To the webmaster who struggled under P2000 day

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yesterday in the webmaster network saw an article on the use of QQ bookmarks to get traffic (name is not clear), feeling good, last night, a test, today looked at the statistics, I feel very good.

has been in the webmaster nets to see the article, have not voted to Admin5 draft, afraid to write, not to publish, today according to endure, must try. Below I use the QQ bookmark to obtain the flow step, to Japan IP2000 following stationmaster general speaking about


, this is a screenshot of the statistics


is because I did not test too much of the article, only took 10 minutes to pick a few articles to QQ bookmarks inside, you can see the above screenshot shows me only a collection of 30 articles, actually this is to forget, today I see statistics in the "background analysis" when I remember last night that bookmark.


only 30 article but it brought to 160 IP, accounting for 1.8% of the proportion of my website, and this is only half the time.


IP in two thousand following stationmaster friends trying to collect more few, after time, each made a post to QQ bookmarks, it wouldn’t take long, and you put your article to copy the address above position, it will automatically extract the information of your Titile. Very save time, half an hour to collect hundreds of articles, at least a day can Laiyiqianduo IP, if your website content to attract people, visitors will be able to retain IP is rising.

aside from anything else, I think the most important thing is to make the content and the details of the website. It’s difficult to do it, but you must be afraid of trouble and do these two things seriously. You will be successful,


, finally, AD, just 2 websites that you just applied for today, 1,, 2, and If the editor feels this ad is too heavy, you can delete the URL of the url.

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