Talking about the relationship between website and entity product

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Relationship between

website and entity product

website building, many are for publicity role, and further, the website is based on the company’s products (services) to play a role in expanding. The role of the promotion of the site is good, the role of the site’s propaganda is good, the site itself for the existence of the enterprise is profitable.

I’ve seen many customers and found that customers will feel that the establishment of a website is a good way forward for the company’s development. Want to achieve promotion and profit effect, many will consider to do network promotion, but after promotion for some time, customers will find that network promotion effect is not very direct effect. Customers will blame internet promotion workers for their lack of profit, saying their job is not in place.

believes in this situation, there should be quite a few people.

analysis of the reasons, to promote the network, the most important and necessary is to have a place of your own in the network, this place could be a site that can also be a blog (the first to ignore said). Next, the network promotion personnel should aim at the customer’s profession to carry on the promotion, will revise the website, the website procedure in the website, adds the article and so on.

after the site of the operation, for the website to obtain a better performance in the search engine, so as to bring web traffic, people look through your website to know which product (service). Call again to the client, let client communicate effectively, sign a bill, gain.

does not describe a very complex process, the first to sort out, the site in the above process, play what role:

· a network, by and large, has a place of its own in the network,

· display the role of displaying the company’s products (services) information

· the promotional premise is that the site is choosing to do web promotion by finding sites

in search engines

· the customer understands the customer, sees the website, knows what product (service) information

· customer demand here only for customers, and then read the site, through the site left contact information to find customer company

from the above points can be seen, and direct communication with customers is not the site itself, but the enterprise staff, speaking plainly, is to answer the phone staff. To this end, the role of the site even if it comes to an end.

The role of

products (services):

· company development core

· company profit core

· company promotes core


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