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think about yourself. It’s been three or four years since you’ve been standing. Say long not long, say short is not short.

remember the beginning, it was in the semester, just bought a computer, and even the Internet, the registered mailbox will not. From the beginning of learning to do web pages, and later to have their own space, do their own ASP applet, from their own changes to other people’s procedures, to their own development procedures, from ASP to PHP,.NET, the road to go too much.

this is more of a feeling of fatigue and confusion. Remember to earn the first money is moving to do throughout the City Unicom website, rely on Baidu included, can have three thousand or four thousand day traffic, insist for a year and a half, but then do not know how to be K. Then start the school code station. I feel like I’m doing second or third in the country. Because at that time, Baidu search school code on the home page of the two or three sites. Then I didn’t know how much fire there was on the campus. As long as you had a page on Baidu’s homepage, you could have thousands of IP.

so it’s time for me to do my best. Remember, you can earn 2000 yuan a day at most. No matter what. But then there were too many people and too many people. Baidu or K?.

from last year to this year almost a year, and did not do anything, between the three English stations, nothing.

walked so many detours, now finally understand, why some people can be successful, earn money forever: it is one thing to do, no matter how easy it is, keep on keeping on,

will be successful!

so this month, has been engaged in our Huangshi area of a consumer website, Huangshi Life Network:, I hope we can exchange together. Thank you,

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