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editor’s note: what is a good user experience? This is a question everyone is looking for, and everyone has a different answer. Zhang Xiaolong believes that "natural" is the best user experience, so that users do not need to learn.

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‘s personal goal for the user experience is to be "natural"". Here are some examples:

1, I look at 3 year old children, with iPhone, it’s easy to get started. For example, iPhone unlock, children even do not have to learn to use. Because touch is human nature, and iPhone through the arrow icon to the right of the sliding bar (children can not read text), to indicate that the finger touch to the right to slide to unlock. Nature is consistent with human nature. Adults because adults are more polluted, but not necessarily immediately learn to unlock iPhone, may need to see text explanation to understand. As a result, illiterate children may learn to use iPhone faster than older people. Interactions that need to be interpreted in words are not good interactions.

2 and Apple did a lot of experiments on the "natural" experience. For example, the folder (or even file) that is usually under PC is a bit less natural, and computer concepts are removed from the iOS (the file is only meaningful and can be explained by its application). MacOS tried to change the traditional scrolling direction of the trackpad, which changed the finger to a consistent direction, and called it "natural" mode, that is, the slide direction of the previous trackpad was "unnatural". It takes courage to change, but perhaps Apple feels that in the long run, a more natural model will be more viable, even if it changes the user’s habits for the time being.

3, nature is often associated with human nature. WeChat’s shake is a "natural" as the goal of the design. "Grasping" and "shaking" are the instincts that man must have when he had no tools in ancient times. Mobile phones provide the ancient instinct for stimulating human beings. When designing a wave, the goal is to be consistent with a person’s natural or instinctive experience. Shake shake action: including experience; visual screen and split up the response action; hearing: attractive (male rifles, female voice is Bell) in response to action; results from a central sliding under the screen name card. There are no menus and buttons throughout the interface. But there is hardly a simpler interactive experience than it. Thanks to mobile phones, ancient people used to throw stones to connect to other people, and evolved to shake their cell phones to connect virtual people.

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