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Hongkong, China has always been dominated by the British before returning to the motherland. So compared to the China mainland, Hongkong early development closer to internationalization, abandon the rule by outsiders is not good for the specific performance of Hongkong in all aspects, take the delicacy, Hongkong is the city of the delicacy, exquisite dishes are quite complete, the integration of the essence of the world delicacy, and focus on the fine workmanship and the effectiveness of health, eat a lot of innovation emerge in an endless stream.

from Hongkong is fishing port rotary small Hot pot also has significant advantages on the dishes Nothing needed is lacking. exciting level beyond imagination. It is a small fishing Hot pot broke the traditional Hot pot dining form, using one pot method, so that every consumer can according to taste characteristics and their food intake, to choose their own love of boiling food, can not be wasted, but also allow consumers to eat happy, consumers can not make money,


fashion style of Hong Kong Hong Kong style rotary hot pot of the most flavor characteristics of all kinds of pill ingredients are derived from the local Hongkong, with a strong universality, taste very rich and famous for all ages. Consumers across the country can still be at the door of the Hong Kong Hong Kong style small hot pot restaurant taste authentic Hong Kong and Taiwan, I believe no one can refuse.

is still fishing small hot pot to do fast, multi, all. It is not a single, small fishing Hot pot eating fast, especially now with the fast-paced way of life of people; yet many kinds of small fishing Hot pot pot, than a single pot of traditional Hot pot more abundant; it is a small fishing Hot pot seasoning soup pot for all varieties, relatively light taste, the key point is the combination of soup and seasoning. Fishing is still a small hot pot brand chain is used to rotate the bar one pot of business, dining style is novel and fashionable. One pot not only to meet the needs of consumers clean and hygienic, but also those who eat a pot of hot pot to avoid the guests in the traditional hot pot restaurant with four seats embarrassment.

is fishing merchants excellent avant-garde market analysis and product innovation team effort and diligently strive after continuously launch to meet market demand, new products, the majority of diners eat a hundred tire. Hong Kong style new model to achieve wealth selection is still fishing, hand in hand, brand assurance.

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