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2016 years of the property market hot, so many real estate intermediary money is earned full pots of alms bowl, which gave birth to the birth of the industry more and more brand. So, what is the real estate intermediary? The specific transaction of real estate intermediary is to help people selling housing registration information, and to ensure the availability of real effective declared release; to help people buy, recommend suitable for ideal housing, and lead the people buy the field house, to guide, facilitate transactions; real estate intermediary income is the main charge Intermediary Service Commission, intermediary service commission for 2.7~3% market practice. (part of the city to buy a 2.5%-3%, but there are exceptions, such as part of the Beijing real estate intermediary to the landlord and owner double Commission.)

China’s first special regulation of real estate brokerage sector regulations promulgated. "Eat the difference", to assist the signing of "Yin and yang contract" was officially included in the "prohibited acts", real estate intermediary "black hand" era is facing the end. Xiaobian to introduce you to the ten major brands of real estate agents list.

real estate agent ten brand ranking 1 in CENTALINE (founded in 1978, the real estate agent services in the field of leading enterprises, Hongkong service brand, the real estate agency industry very large enterprises, the Central Plains Group Limited)

real estate agent ten brand ranking 2.21 century real estate (in the United States in 1971, the world’s largest integrated real estate service providers, industry famous brand, Beijing aifeite international franchise Advisory Services Limited)

real estate intermediary ten brands list 3 Lutheran housing (founded in 1981 in Taiwan, the most influential Shanghai housing intermediary chain service brand, excellent service trademark, Shanghai Lutheran housing intermediary consulting Co., Ltd.)

real estate intermediary ten brands list 4 home chain LianJia (large integrated real estate services, real estate intermediary business as the core is committed to providing high quality real estate broker / financial and asset management services to customers in Beijing chain of home real estate brokerage Co., Ltd.)

real estate intermediary ten brands list 5 I love my family (the famous comprehensive real estate services, real estate brokerage industry leading brands, brokerage innovation enterprise, Beijing I love my home real estate brokerage Co., Ltd.)

real estate intermediary brand ranking 6 out of ten (the famous trademark, Guangzhou City National Housing circulation integrated service providers, the influential Southern China area housing intermediary brand, MyTopHome (China) Ltd.)

real estate intermediary ten brands list 7 Fu (Hopefluent’s, the larger real estate intermediary service institutions, "

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