How to join the Zhengzhou gold stick rolling wrapper

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ate so much Ganmian skin you know the origin of this special snack wrapper for you, and you know this delicious snacks do? The following Xiaobian introduced for you.

wrapper is a traditional snack in Shaanxi unique, Ganmian skin is evolved from the Tang Dynasty to Amoy cold surface. Has the characteristics of loop, soft, fragrant, cold hot and sour taste, is one of the representatives of the people of Qishan Xifu snacks, the wrapper approach is very special, the rice dough and elsewhere niangpi is to tune into a paste, placed in a special cage steam. The Qishan wrapper is the first roll into the surface, and then steamed, steamed and then cut into slightly wider than the cold noodle strips, and eat rice dough is basically the same, different from the rice dough, roll paper are hard, high toughness, a reinforcement. People in Baoji enjoy eating, and they are popular in Xi’an in recent years.

how to join the Zhengzhou gold stick rolling wrapper

gold stick rolling rolling dough is the industry’s well-known brands, also have stores in many parts of the country, in places such as Zhengzhou also have stores, the address is in the city of Zhengzhou City Court Street No. 105. Then the Zhengzhou gold stick rolling wrapper to join


Zhengzhou gold stick rolling rolling dough join conditions are as follows:

1, long engaged in the industry

2, with a certain vision

3, with enthusiasm

4, is full of dreams of wealth

5, with a certain amount of funds

Zhengzhou gold stick rolling wrapper procedure:

1 consulting, gold stick rolling wrapper

2, apply for project

3, headquarters audit through

4, headquarters training

5, headquarters location decoration

6, the official business


wrapper will choose Zhengzhou snacks to join gold stick rolling wrapper. If you have the desire to join us, please tell us by the way of the message, we leave the message on the bottom of the article page, after the latter to see the message we will reply you in the first time.

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