The return hot Jingdong to raise the strength of the product Lazi

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a hot "king return" once again let people focus on the domestic animation, and many viewers don’t know this with a strong commercial atmosphere of film achievements of a new business model, "product +" mode is coming.

"return" the Cat Entertainment articles open Jingdong to raise the public to raise long-term derivatives to promote a strong "product + Lazi

to Mahatma home

"return" wu-k’ung hit full swing, classic characters, the monkey king, chaos, land and left a deep impression on the audience, many fans think so lovely vivid animated characters in real life, the enthusiasm of the fans has driven personalized animation derivatives industry.

small empty series U disk, face masks, goggles series fight small empty pendant, Medusa headset "Mahatma return" classic series of creative derivatives, from the basic necessities of life to the innovation of science and technology, a full range on the basis of "return" copyright Mahatma re design products, Jingdong to raise the public to make "king return" into each user life derivatives all aspects of.

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