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no matter where we go to a restaurant meal, the boss will give you a lot of dishes, so a restaurant menu is necessary, but today small topic is the menu, but noodle shop in the menu will be a project of cutting surface – chicken soup. When it comes to chicken soup Sliced noodles which taste quite authentic, is still the golden knife Sliced noodles soup.

gold knife Sliced noodles Sliced noodles chicken soup is a characteristic after long-term exploration and research have a unique style of gold knife several generations of chefs and the development of the. Now the "golden Saber" registration office to register the trademark, in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce? Production of sophisticated technology, noodle color white, light steel whistle; strict election materials, making delicate, seasoning, about soup, meat soup, whistle face fresh and tender taste. Gold knife chicken soup Sliced noodles since listing, welcomed by the majority of the masses, has become a brand become an independent school, a new era of high-quality brand-name snacks.

gold saber chicken Sliced noodles five advantages:

1. joined the headquarters after the commencement of the contract to send professional and technical personnel to the stores to teach technical training for a month.

2. provides special seasoning and special sauce noodles machine robot.

3. headquarters to provide free professional stores to the franchise unified door, product descriptions, posters, price list, ribbon data.

4. stores in the business process if the quality of feedback to the store or send staff to the headquarters and headquarters learning, free accommodation.

After joining the

5. headquarters will send technical personnel to regular inspection and supervision branch. Management and technical problems in the operation.

gold knife chicken soup Sliced noodles franchise:

1. franchisees must be willing to join the legal Sliced noodles or chicken soup Golden Horse natural person;

2. operating area of at least 30 square meters, more than 3 years of stable operation;

3. has a good brand awareness, accept the golden horse Sliced noodles soup business philosophy and service specification;

4. franchisee must be able to bear hardships and stand hard work, have to maintain the stability of the brand perseverance;

5. have a good spirit of cooperation and business reputation, willing to accept the management and supervision of the head office;

6. area protection: the distance between the shop and the store should not be close to 1.5 km.


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