Convention and exhibition economy is a new economic form

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is now organized around some exhibition activities have become the norm, so at the same time, through a variety of exhibition activities in many places, is also derived from the exhibition economy, and now the exhibition economy has become a new economic form.

exhibition economy is a new economic form, which means to hold all kinds of conferences and exhibitions, fairs, a kind of economic phenomenon and economic behavior brings direct and indirect economic benefits and social benefits. It can not only bring business flow, logistics flow, capital flow, information flow Everfount, directly promote trade, tourism and other industries, to create opportunities to attract investment, but also stimulate the development of other industries. It is worth mentioning that the exhibition economy can promote the development of the city, improve the city’s external visibility and reputation

with the opening degree of upgrading, increased domestic and foreign trade and economic activities, the initiative, Changxin enterprises to participate in various international exhibition is also becoming more active. In order to promote the development of open economy, Changxin is also actively encourage local enterprises to go out to participate in various types of overseas exhibitions, through this platform to enhance the visibility of enterprises, promote foreign exports. At the same time, in order to active County in the consumer market, and promote the development of local commerce industry, the county also launched the housing fair, car Expo, Expo exhibition, which at high frequency appears in front of consumers in Changxin, has achieved considerable economic benefits.

to use outside the county to participate in exhibition and exhibition held in the county, creating a high economic benefit, has become the process of economic development in Changxin "good wind", and the exhibition industry has become a new economic growth point of Changxin, has a very strong role in promoting for the city of Changxin the development of it.

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