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a good store layout, are of great help to the health center business will be late, because of this, if you want to open a popular business health museum, nature also need to do layout work related. So, how to maintain the health of the store layout? Let Xiaobian to introduce.

1, the use of space

health museum store design can not be separated from the modern mood, in a simple room to do health is not a sense of freshness. However, in the era of development today, tomorrow may be fashionable, very backward, we can not be a month a decoration shop, to get their own health museum and other counterparts is not backward, will be in the use of space efforts.

in front of the mirror design exquisite decorative table, you can change the display at any time, so that the small embellishment add strange luster. Note: do not according to hospital decoration to decorate Health Museum mirror, mirror is a division hospital observation customer hair and customers to watch their hair products, the degree of satisfaction of teachers and the lack of it, customers will feel inconvenience.

in the health of the screen and partition between the design of the activities of the decorative frame, by replacing the picture, to the health of the customer with a sense of novelty. Screen and partition design should consider mobility, if you can then equipped with lighting, personalized cosmetic embellishment, with a modern sense of the popular lines, etc., it will give the customer a beautiful enjoyment.

in the design of some light box on the ceiling, the promotion of health knowledge, because the customer when the mask, the face is always on the face, so that you can do care while enjoying the edge of advertising, will be able to play a multiplier effect.

2, pay attention to convenience

it is very important for the customer to accept the convenient service of the health division. Some of our customers in the health museum a door where a carpet, the customer wants to door, must take off your shoes (if you do not want to take off your shoes, you will not get); if you want to go inside, know better, not, must go through the checkout, give a person a kind of do not pay not in the sense, these are not conducive to the development of health museum.

so, conditional Health Museum in the design of the layout of the store to take into account the main channel, the secondary channel and management channel. Do not spread the main channel carpet, is a division of health guide potential customers from the entrance to the health center has been inside the central channel.

potential customers can walk freely in this corridor, increase their understanding of Health Museum opportunities; side channel is prospective customers and health division around the channel, it can carpet, try to work on the management level; relatively narrow channel, is to contact the health division and the management of the line, we should design from the side channel closer.

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