Ma Yun does not endure hardship does not struggle what do you want to do

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"when you do not travel, do not take risks, do not learn, do not try to live a new life, all day QQ, micro-blog, Taobao, playing online games. What do you want to do when I’m 80 years old?"

What is

he eat bitterness, is already beginning to sleep only three hours a day, from N years ago to check data yesterday, do a little bit of careful incomparable; he eat bitterness, is to strive for a customer, and migrant workers crowded in a sleeper bus. Take the risk of being stolen robbed of the crash, while knocking the mail, while looking around surprised eyes; he eat bitterness, is a set of management methods in order to more reasonable system, and constantly and various leaders to work together, to ask, to think; he eat bitterness, is to sign a a large order, alone at home, watching other people in the world of reunion, decorated with their own love dreams; he eat bitter, for a listed projects, hundreds of thousands of words in the self-study materials within three days, make yourself from a layman in three days. An expert. Many times he fell in the mud, and even let others step on their own body.

he successfully made up the glory, only because he is.

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