Pay attention to three points to do a good job of cigarette Festival display

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different time, for the display of the product will have different requirements, especially during the holiday season, want to do a good job in sales, but also need to work on the display. Do a good job in cigarette display plays a vital role in the operation of cigarettes. In particular, the holiday sales season, but also to seize the favorable opportunity, innovative display, good holiday display three focus to enhance the ability to sell cigarettes, expanding holiday profits.

is a celebration of tobacco with centralized display. During the holiday season, consumers are eager to get festive atmosphere, so you can choose to use smoke festive showcase area set up in store, the packaging is colorful, festive cigarette smoke cabinet placed in the most eye-catching, and have great originality design, through the Liefu color and shape to help Chen factors, creating a strong atmosphere for the holiday consumers.

two is a real estate counter display. During the festival, many tourist consumers in the vicinity of tourist attractions, real estate has become an important tourist shopping gift. Space is more abundant retail stores can set up brand display counters, in accordance with the classification of the brand series, the orderly placement of cigarettes. At the same time, the rich part of the higher priced cigarette brand specifications, enhance the attractiveness of the customer, to promote consumer choice for the same brand of cigarettes.

three is a new area display. New products tend to attract more consumers, the shelves can be placed, concentrated in a region of display cabinet through artistic display, marker assisted display etc., enhanced full and prominent, stereoscopic display effect, create brand atmosphere, stimulate consumers, enhance their purchasing desire.

although many shops in that the holidays will do all the preparatory work, but because of the product display of neglect, resulting not able to grasp the opportunity of the festival, to create more profits. So, if you are a cigarette operator, the festival also need to pay attention to the above three points oh.

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