Home sales network marketing is the most critical interaction

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with the rise of the electricity supplier, many traditional industries are facing the transformation of the Internet, and now, a lot of home buyers to join the store realized that the main direction of the development of the network! Because with the network market turnover rate is higher than the store, therefore, when you open the Home Furnishing franchise, to seize this one advantage, then shop in the market to get more long-term development is very simple! Among them, the most need to cause the attention of entrepreneurs is the home store network marketing interaction is the key!

"seckill" is the birth of the computer network technology promotion based on the core is "limited" and "super low", the purpose is to gather popularity, enhance the brand in the concern of the network. Furniture enterprise is have a brilliant future in this field, such as specially designed furniture a cool jewelry, planning a "seckill" in the shop, in a time range, the top 100 players in the online game lighting, you can get a chance, then let these users drying their photo on the forum or a blog or experience, through online voting to elect a few people as a brand spokesperson, let them participate in corporate commercials, this is a complete "interactive marketing" is completed, the enterprise will get great attention and brand reputation, through the Internet immediately can make a new product listing and hot.

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