Student summer part time work should pay attention to prevention of skills is not afraid

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is now just the end of the college entrance examination candidates are thinking about how to spend this summer. It seems to work is a very good choice, but every year there are so many students fall into the trap, now we will give you a summary of some prevention techniques, we should pay more attention to.

recently have users through micro-blog for help, said he went to work in Suzhou, after Suzhou was found to be intermediary cheated, money has been spent, can not return home. Currently, the 47 students are still stranded in Suzhou!

two anti fraud type. In printing, advertising companies, government departments and other units of a confidential name, release information, recruit typist, once the students take the initiative to contact, it will allow victims to pay confidential fee and other expenses, to cheat money.

four notice for the prevention. Recruitment SMS, network recruitment information or post their own job information, are likely to make themselves victims. Liar is likely to let it to the upscale club interview, and then to pay medical expenses, interview fees and so on, and let the students waiting for work notice.

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