Smoke Hotel promotion need to seize the festival features

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now many shops in major festivals will take the promotion, however, different holidays are distinctive, many operators are not aware of this, to take the promotion will not change, naturally there is no way to obtain the recognition of consumers, to enhance the promotion of sales, but also need to combine the characteristics of the festival the. So, if you want to promote good smoke Hotel, but also need to seize the holiday features oh.

although different holidays do not look different, but the specific observation, different holidays, people’s spending habits, consumer preferences are different. For example, the Qingming Festival three days holiday and Labor Day holiday on the three day of people’s consumption direction is not the same, because each festival contains the cultural connotation is not the same. Qingming Festival is a traditional festival of sacrifice to the ancestors, the need for the use of tobacco with wine, and this is the opportunity to reunite the family, the party needs to eat more alcohol and tobacco foil.

so this festival for people such as tobacco and FMCG consumption will be a bit more, and Labor Day, because of the gradual warming of the air temperature, it is a good opportunity to go out to play, so choose to short distance travel more, the relative party with friends and family to eat less, corresponding to the demand of tobacco will less. Therefore, during the festive season consumption trends, the development of appropriate marketing strategies, is a good opportunity to improve sales.

promotion combined with holiday characteristics also have to consider their own store environment. Different strategies should be adopted in the commercial areas and in the residential areas. In the area where the smoke, the hotel for holidays, home workers increased in number will also have to visit relatives and friends of people, so the good areas will Mong many, smoke wine will increase. Therefore, the owner of the restaurant can seize the flow of this point, large-scale publicity.

for example, in the Mid Autumn Festival, national day, such as more festive holiday, you can use a lot of POP in the store, will promote the establishment of cards, posters are fully spread, creating a festive atmosphere of joy, to attract the attention of consumers. Holiday area residents with the volume of goods will not be great, so in order to facilitate the residents of the District, holidays can also launch free door-to-door service. In the commercial area of the smoke Hotel, usually a lot of people on the flow, when the holiday should be done to promote the promotion of personality and diversity of things, take some creative ways. In addition to creating a festive atmosphere, but also should pay attention to refinement, the gift of the product, the service gift.

targeted professional services, no doubt can get more consumer recognition, which can make the business of the store to get a good development of hot. So, if you are a smoke hotel owner, after understanding the small series of the above described the content, now you know how to make the holiday promotions?

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