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countless people are lamenting the complexity of society, people’s ruthless, however, in fact, in our daily lives will continue to appear in a variety of elegant, for our lives have a great help. Nearly twenty years of shop history, along the way, every step will encounter the noble help, let me harvest too much moved, although not reported, but can not remember and thank!

encouraged me to start a business with my neighbor

thirty years ago because of misdiagnosis, I became a can not take care of severe disabilities, lying in bed all day complaining, but complain and decadent but can not change the point of the hardships of life, during this period, there are a lot of good neighbor to help and encourage and enlighten me. Their love and support of my life, but also to help me out of the heart of the valley, want to use their own efforts and destiny.

again, I began to think about the next life, this shop retail idea at home, just say it, it was all opposition from relatives and friends, we consider my physical condition, I do not want too hard; on the other hand, in order to give my mother and I treat home in already in debt. No start-up funds, shop is just a word.

as I always encourage me to bend the brows, help the distant uncle couple, neighbor brother Zhao couple and silver Fang sister-in-law know my situation, said they would try to help me find a way to raise funds.

their encouragement and support, strengthened my confidence in entrepreneurship, I bite to raise start-up capital 960 yuan, a few neighbors to help where I live, using an old table to do the shelves, move a desk to do counter. Table aunt also helps with the purchase of the first batch of goods to the city back to help put, neighbor uncle offered help to write a few posters, and take out the post, I shop with the help of the crowd opened.

trouble ensued. This is not the cost, not how to purchase on the poor. When the key is 1000 yuan, Zhao brother out their selling cattle, silver Fang Sao couple sold for 1000 yuan food is sent to me, these funds is undoubtedly the timely rain, helped me through funding difficulties, maintain the normal operation of the shop.

taught me the skills of a friend

shop to do business, you need to learn things too much, how to purchase, how to price, how to communicate with customers, how to recommend their own store goods. I want to find people feel utterly ignorant of, he can not go out, so after the opening, all these things have depressed.

when I was in need of help, I met

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