Rural electricity providers to enter the entrepreneurial vision of choice

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believe that after seeing this year’s 11 double hot phenomenon, but also a group of people who want to invest in the field of electricity supplier investment profits. As the focus of the future development of the Internet, rural electricity supplier blue ocean market has begun to enter the field of entrepreneurs who.

"from Skynet, network, people network to carry out rural electricity supplier." Come to participate in the rural e-commerce and Internet town in Hainan Province Agricultural Development Conference group Sun Lijun, vice president of Alibaba, Hainan rural development suggestions for the electricity supplier, Hainan Daily reporter in an interview, "Skynet" is the government support in order to create a good environment for the development of rural electricity, rural electricity supplier to the government and the same direction, so that the same force. Grid is the two channel, a closed loop, the first channel is the logistics channel, the second channel is the information channel; a closed loop is the people pay close loop. The "human network" is to promote outstanding talent back to rural entrepreneurship.

entrepreneurs to take the rural Internet market is not fully open when entering the first pot of gold for most easily earned, and then step by step steady development, early in the rural market foothold.

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