What kind of warehouse management habits to open home textile stores

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some shops seem to be booming business, the flow of passengers every day, new products continue to appear on the market, it seems to be very profitable, but such a shop is really profitable? I think the result is probably in the bud, because we do not know the store inventory. In fact, from the perspective of the current market development, if you want to make a real profit shop, naturally need to have a good inventory management. So, what kind of home textile stores to develop the habit of warehouse management?

store reasonable inventory of the two indicators are:

one, is to meet the needs of daily sales, to ensure adequate supply of store sales of goods, put an end to the loss caused by short customers.

two, is a reasonable occupation of funds, there is no large backlog of goods. In general, according to the proportion of monthly sales inventory, monthly inventory should be around 1:5.5 is normal and can meet the needs of the reasonable proportion of sales; when the amount of sales: when inventory amount exceeds the proportion of 1:11, is a warning signal of the inventory exceed the standard.

to develop a good warehouse management practices, to do a good job of inventory management.

1, a good storage environment: ensure that there is no direct sunlight in the warehouse; good ventilation; no pests, rodents; keep the warehouse environment clean and tidy.

2, fast and convenient delivery: do inventory is to serve the sales, so the first principle of inventory management is convenient, must be in the salesperson can can get the goods placed with the goods for some time.

3, classification placed: in accordance with the different classification of goods, the delineation of the various categories of regional stock area. According to the bedding, towels and other distinguished storage areas or in accordance with the different division of regional brand;; however, in order to shorten the sales Business Hours, I still recommend selling goods, in accordance with the classification of goods for goods inventory to flat pin placement.

4, timing inventory: the purpose of the inventory is to ensure that the inventory of goods. Through the monthly inventory of operators can be found in a timely manner inventory structure and proportion is reasonable, so as to lay the foundation for good inventory management.

5, according to FIFO, guarantee the update: Although textile products there is no shelf life, but for some of the more sensitive to light or light colored products, according to FIFO, in order to avoid losses caused by discoloration.

because the warehouse management can directly determine the operation of a store, so if you want to make a shop with a reasonable operation, it is necessary to do a good job of management. So, with the introduction of the above

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