The P2P network lending platform the rise of good and bad strengthen supervision and standardize Qi

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, Shanghai, September (reporter Gao Shaohua) – P2P lending model in the last 23 years in the domestic rise, more and more people are accepted and recognized. As a new Internet channel of private lending, P2P network lending platform is still faced with lack of laws and regulations, government regulatory gaps, business qualification uneven in quality problems, need government departments to strengthen supervision and promote the healthy operation of the industry standard.

P2P credit Pong network and read more

CCTV exposure of the network was more than the number of sites piracy website owners should avoid th

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best-selling network novel was pirated more than and 100 websites

CCTV news channel "news broadcast" aired on November 5th

A5 station network November 5th news network novel is now an important part of young people living in the city statistics show that China’s network has reached the scale of one hundred million novel readers, readers more popular works, it is a good thing, but the network writers and websites they encountered trouble.

in recent years, network writer Cao Yi (pseudonym "edifice") each works has millions of fans. "All-powerful" is a network edifice last year’s best-selling novel, only authorized a website published. However, in the network search engine "" all-powerful "input" and "novel" and "edifice" a few words, there are dozens of pages of search results. Look at the page, one by one to see each of the search results, the results found that more than and 100 not authorized website published a novel "all-powerful". read more

Petals network get KPCB millions of dollars in the first round of investment

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petals network is a waterfall flow image sharing site


technology news December 21st afternoon, interest based social network sharing website today announced that its parent company petals KPCB (Kai Penghua) first round of millions of dollars of investment, investment have all arrived today. Petals network is to shoot its website, but also has a picture of the social networking site photo petals network, image sharing community and shoot and picture cloud storage services and shoot cloud. read more

Yueyang’s smallest female webmaster entrepreneurial path

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this is a true story, the characters in the story called Liu Ni, where it took place in Yueyang, perhaps you are not familiar with the characters in the story, the story of the events we don’t know, because she has no real success, but I believe that through her perseverance and confidence will as soon as possible, to write about her story, hopes to introduce her, let more people know about entrepreneurship, trapped and bitter women face in the business. At the same time also give friends who want to start a business or as a reference for the successful people, but also hope to give valuable advice to Liu Ni, jointly contribute to the construction of information technology in Yueyang. read more

Stationmaster net broadcast Ali 11 all day long transactions amounted to 57 billion 100 million Tenc

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1 Ali double all day turnover of 57 billion 100 million yuan mobile terminal up to 24 billion 300 million

November 12th morning news, Alibaba has just announced the transaction data of double eleven "all day long: Tmall double eleven all day long transactions amounted to 57 billion 100 million yuan, which reached 24 billion 300 million yuan in the mobile terminal transactions, logistics 278 million orders, a total of 217 countries and regions are lit. New online retail transaction record. read more

Jiangsu Yancheng police cracked girlfriend square network obscene game case

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20, June, according to the Ministry of public security website news, recently, Jiangsu, Yancheng City public security organs cracked the girlfriend square network video game dissemination of pornographic information case.

the game provides a virtual girlfriend role, game player to pay a certain amount of "diamond" (membership fee of 180 yuan), you can click on the mouse to invite the virtual girlfriend in the game, but the game content is click after playing pornographic video clips, bad character. read more

COM domain name from the acquisition of a new round of COM domain name investment fever struck

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recently, VeriSign has released "the fourth quarter of 2010, the domain name industry report". The report said that as of the end of the fourth quarter, the total number of global top-level domain registration reached 205 million 300 thousand, an increase of over the previous year by up to 6.3%. The total number of new registrations.COM and.NET domain is about 7 million 600 thousand, compared with the same period last year increased by 4%. At the end of February, the United States.COM domain accounted for 73.9514% market share, as the leading international domain name for the momentum is still strong. While the domestic domain name market, a total of 3959488.COM domain name, although the number is less than the United States, but the market share is as high as 85.0334%, in the CN domain for policy reasons fall under the condition of.Com year by year, in the domestic market near monopoly. Although compared with 85.2474% in December last year, the market share declined slightly, but in the domestic.COM,.NET,.ORG,.INFO and.BIZ as the leading top-level domain name market, the net growth rate remains the first domestic domain, the market has gradually get rid of before the Internet regulation, market eased. read more

Live off next year NASDAQ listed financing 10 million

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Admin5 station network August 7th news is committed to providing a second-hand housing rental information website anjuke recently re Jingwei venture capital investment of $10 million, which is already partners on the site of the third round of investment, a total investment of $22 million. Anjuke founder and CEO Liang Weiping said recently in an interview with CBN, the financing will be the last round of financing, the company is expected in the fourth quarter of next year to have the NASDAQ listed conditions. read more

WeChat public meeting revealed a murderous look the most valuable information here

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note: WeChat · titanium media yesterday; public communication will keynote the "WeChat open", once again confirms Ma Huateng at the weekend Chinese Entrepreneurs Club director visits the position, which he will encourage out part of the business "WeChat function outsourcing", Ma Huateng gives two reasons: first, he believes that the Tencent is not the internal team good in many areas, do not understand the needs, lack of imagination, not the core resources, need to put these things to others to do (open); second, once all the business by themselves to do what needs to re start, try to construct iterative solutions and products, the progress is too slow (to avoid the waste of resources). read more

Google starts to display up to 4 search results for a separate domain name

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Google once said in August this year they test for a keyword that shows more than 2 from the same domain name search results, today they announced the expansion of this presents a number of results from the same domain name search results, search for "MoMA" (Museum of Modern Art), according to the previous principle will only show two from the official website of MoMA domain name search results entry, and now they will this limit has been increased to 4 (below). Even if the link has been found in the rich text summary below the first search results, the results of the search results are listed separately below. Because the Google algorithm can now be more sure you search for "MoMA" is to get information from the Museum of modern art, it is the most authoritative information on the official website of the most accurate, why not give a few links to read more