We have to learn to accept the real name system slowly

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recently, the topic of the real name system once again into the public view. The first is the end of January, the implementation of real name system, Ningxia moderator in Gansu province two. After that, Jilin province also announced to moderators of the real name system, and a clear thread will be sent after the first trial. In February 15th, the Ministry of public security organ of the people’s public security "newspaper" published a long article, for the first time to confirm the moderator in the promotion of national name system. In February 18th, Chongqing became the fourth publicly announced the promotion of moderators of real name system of provinces and cities. February 19th, Beijing announced the end of the year to achieve the city’s Internet cafes electronic real name registration. These places the real name system first move, indicating a wide range of network real name system asymptotic. read more

Domain koken com sold 12450

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              October 9th news, five letter domain name koken.com sold at $12450, about RMB 90 thousand yuan.

 It is reported that

pals.net 2670 $US

incomeelite.com 2250 $US

allopass.se 2000 EUR

rhubarb.co.uk 1651 £

drivinggifts.com $US

gardian.net 1191 $US

birthmate.com 999 $US

nuadmassage.de 700 EUR

goodyer.co.uk 595

hairlosscure.org 550 $US read more

National People’s Congress to consider the draft decision on the protection of network information

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According to Xinhua news agency, Beijing, December 19

Xinhua (reporter Yang Weihan) with the wide application of Internet technology and the rapid development of fraud and other criminal activities rampant use of the Internet, various means of crime and concealed the legitimate rights and interests of citizens are infringed the extent of the deep, shocking. It is an urgent task to punish cyber crimes and protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens from the national level.

strengthen the protection and management of network information, need to improve the legislative level. Many legal experts pointed out that China’s Internet legislation lags behind, the legal level is not high, mainly through the management of administrative regulations and departmental rules and regulations and all kinds of scattered, operation needs to be improved. December 14th meeting of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress decided that the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on December 24th will consider the draft decision on strengthening the protection of network information. The legislation of the highest organ of state power is of great significance for the protection and management of network information, and is an important measure for the state to promote the orderly and orderly operation of the network. read more

Webmaster network daily broadcast buy site number in March to reduce the 357 reshuffle continues

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1 buy site in March to reduce the end of the first line to buy 357 or only 3-5 home

NetEase Francisco April 23rd message, after Ganji quit group purchase F investment group, Tencent and friends came joint operations, or to show the pattern of group purchase website. In 2010, Chinese group purchase website appears, copying speed to get out of hand; in 2012, many well-known website group purchase layoffs, collapse, and the local group purchase website is a month hundreds of rate of evaporation. Just two years time, the domestic buy site quickly come fast". read more

Kidnapping the whole industry chain For the financing of the United States began to play hooligans

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capital market trend, investors may see the most clear. Recently, the Jingdong and the Alibaba has announced a brisk earnings. Then, the share price from less than $20 / share low, straight up, become a stock takes stock of recent higher income; the latter, the same performance in American capital market strong, and $90 / share, hit a new high since listing.

investors understand. When no longer subsidize the war, the enterprise is also focused on services and technology, the GMV bigger, which is the standard of good business." A long-term concern for the brokerage industry analysts said, on the contrary, not for the purpose of profit, only to emphasize how much coverage of their own, how many loyal users, that is the ‘rogue’." read more

Electricity supplier recruitment domineering talent phobia push high salary foam

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] the "financial" reported according to the Beijing morning news, "for 1 years or above working experience, proficient in C++ programming language, the basic salary of 200 thousand to 400 thousand." This is the recruitment of the network on the release of Wanda Group is preparing electricity supplier recruitment notice. There are more "domineering". An electric shock, vice president of the general level of recruitment and staffing requirements are listed in the Amazon, Dangdang, Jingdong and almost all of the electricity supplier list, as long as the work can be. read more

Tencent electricity supplier brewing and then adjust pat Network and QQ mall or face integration

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has just come out from Tencent independent, invested $1 billion to set up a Tencent electricity supplier holding company is brewing a new round of big adjustment. Last week, the Tencent announced in the QQ online shopping business dangdang.com, become the book channel operators; dangdang.com baby channel will be in this month officially stationed in the QQ online shopping. At the same time, by the Tencent holding 80% of the easy fast network will become the Tencent business "proprietary" part of the past business line and Tencent such as QQ and pat Network mall will also face the integration of Tencent business line adjustment is brewing. read more

Price war no money can not afford to hurt Jingdong

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2012 is about to end, the end of the world did not come so the day has to continue. This year for China’s Internet is also the most thing year. Buy war, search war, price war can be described as war again and again. From the beginning of the capital boom to the subsequent investment cooling, this year for the electricity supplier giants are really tough.

giants in order to keep their position in the field of electricity supplier giant, is the relentless marketing. We do not earn more money than anyone who is more than the loss of money. Perhaps the giants are still warm but investors have already down, after all, everyone is optimistic about the emerging field of business investment, can expect from a slice. However, a round of war down to look at the performance of those who hurt, it is clear that investors can not afford to hurt, and one of the most embarrassing than Jingdong. read more

How to refine the marketing channel point of view of how to use WeChat micro marketing platform for

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with the rise of mobile Internet, WeChat as a mobile terminal entrance, in all walks of life have shown a strong marketing capabilities.

One of the

in the Spring Festival most happy thing is to "grab" WeChat red, less than a few cents more, but also tens of dollars, WeChat to build a platform to grab a red envelope, without firing a shot, but let the users of WeChat is "Crazy", is somewhat unexpected, the horse is called a cloud "the attack on Pearl Harbor". Since quietly on the line in January 26, 2014, WeChat grab red quickly popular, its popularity, no less than the previous hit the aircraft games. After receiving a red envelope to want to cash, you must bind the bank card, so that the number of users to pay a large increase in binding WeChat. Tencent data show that from the beginning of the new year’s Eve, when the new year’s day 16, to participate in the snatch WeChat red envelopes more than 5 million users, a total of more than 75 million times to grab a red envelope. Received a total of more than 20 million red envelopes, the average received red envelopes per minute to reach 9412. Ma Yun said: "micro credit for a night time, Alipay completed 8 years of work." Visible WeChat marketing potential is unlimited. read more

Promotion site on these strokes

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as a personal webmaster is to own website in the overnight flow can reach tens of thousands (and SEOer), and for this purpose the webmaster to pay a lot of energy, time and effort invested in its website, made a lot of work. As a result, get up in the morning, open the site traffic statistics system, to find the flow or the original traffic, there is no change. Baidu search is still included in the original data, there is no progress.

I according to some of their own experience, talk about some of their own practice, I hope you can help the webmaster. In addition to do some necessary website promotion, the most important for a personal website, I think it takes effort honest to do their own website content. Will receive the attention of search engines. How to make your site’s content? In fact, the personal data, do not pass the audit, and then review their every day dozens, hundreds of course content, remember to take the title to revise its own title, the content of the framework is to change, do not let the search engine to the feeling the same content, or in their own plus some of their own ideas in the content, it will allow the search engine to feel every time your website has its own content, rather than duplicate spam sites. So slowly, the natural flow of days and months multiplying, your site will come up. read more

Sample come Hangzhou has become the country’s first cross border electricity supplier test area

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finishing / reporter Yu Xiaoyan

world network operators

opened in 2016, cross-border electricity again welcome good. According to the Chinese government network news, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting in January 6th, the deployment of a number of new cross-border e-commerce integrated test area, with a new model for the development of foreign trade to provide new support.

Experimentation area, the cross-border electricity supplier

new will be the country’s first cross-border e-commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zone – Hangzhou test area as the sample, the preliminary exploration of the replication policy system and management system, to promote a greater range. read more

Tencent electricity supplier of the road from the active investment to draw to helpless abandon

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DoNews March 11th news (reporter Zhou Qinyan) from Tencent in 2005 on the first line of electricity supplier project pat Network, Tencent has been working in the field of electricity supplier for nearly ten years. While sitting on the mass of users and traffic, but the Tencent business development pace has been slow to March 10th announced the investment of Jingdong, Tencent with a shrewd deal to sell its electricity business assets, return to the main core business.

back to see the electricity supplier Tencent Road, experienced from the construction of the C2C platform, to participate in the investment, the acquisition of a number of vertical electricity supplier companies, and then give up their own construction, the electricity supplier business to the allies process. read more

Biography of the world’s largest domain name registration agency GoDaddy external auction

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Beijing on September 11th news, according to foreign media reports, sources said Friday, the world’s largest domain registrar GoDaddy.com has been preparing for foreign auction sale, GoDaddy.com the final auction price is expected to exceed $1 billion.

sources said, GoDaddy.com had hired senior Silicon Valley banker Frank · Quattrone (Frank Quattrone) investment company under the command of Qatalyst Partners, the company responsible for handling the auction matters. GoDaddy.com currently manages more than 43 million domain names, some private companies will be expected to participate in the auction GoDaddy.com. Up to now, GoDaddy.com and Qatalyst Partners per capita of this rumor is not possible. read more

Beijing the site is now involved in gun related explosive information will face shutting down

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Beijing in June 9, according to the Beijing police to carry out the "online firearms rule explosion" action, any website involving firearms and explosives and incorrigible harmful information, will be shut down, there are 6 illegal websites were shut down.

on the morning of 9 held a gun related news conference, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Public Security Management Division Director Tan Quan said that the police in the management of dangerous goods, carry firearms explosives found in action, involves a large number of knives, firearms and ammunition, explosives and other dangerous items of information in the network. At present, the police have to confiscate explosives and firearms network as one of the key. read more

Adsense network broadcast Ali Limited Edition iPhone 6 sold 2 million Ma China’s richest man

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1 Alibaba fell by $4.26% market capitalization of $10 billion  

September 23rd news, after the first day of listing rose nearly 40% after the closing of the stock price fell on the day of the Alibaba, the closing price fell by 4.26%, to $89.89 per share.

in Beijing on the opening night of trading in stocks, the Alibaba opened to $92.64, slightly lower than the first day closing $93.89, intraday trend downward, the minimum fell to $89.5, the highest price is only $92.95.

experienced 169.224000 shares after the volume, Alibaba eventually closed at $89.89 per share, down $4 compared to the first day closing price, down by 4.26%. Market value loss of $10 billion 50 million. read more

December third week national domain name list China ranks second in the world’s 7 million 290 thousa

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IDC on the network (idcps.com) reported in December 26th: WebHosting.info according to the latest data, as of December 23, 2013, the total Chinese domain has increased to 7293614, second only to the United States, ranking second in the world, the third week of December the new 34682. China Hongkong, the total amount of 793355 domain names registered in December, a net decrease of third weeks in 411, ranking the world’s top fifteenth. Below, IDC review network with everyone concerned about the third week of December the world’s total Top20 domain data. read more

Daily topic way home to complete a new round of 300 million financing to share the economic model

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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) August 5th news, recently announced the completion of the way home network D round of $300 million financing, valuation of over $1 billion.

previously, the way home in May 2012 was A round of financing, in February 2013 to complete the B round of financing, two rounds of financing up to 400 million yuan in June 2014, the way home to complete the C round of $100 million financing. According to public information, after the completion of the C round of financing, the way home network investment including GGV capital, Lightspeed An Zhen Chinese venture capital, Qiming, broadband capital and CDH venture, the vacation rental service HomeAway.com, ctrip. read more

News aggregation site Reddit financing 50 million valuation of up to 500 million

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the social sharing features strong news aggregation site Reddit, is about to get a new round of investment risk, site valuation of more than $500 million.

in the mobile Internet boom, not only by the risk of capital investment Hard Suits Inc, some of the personality of the content of the company (especially the news site), is to obtain high valuations of capital. According to the latest news, the United States to share the characteristics of strong social news aggregation site Reddit, is about to get a new round of venture capital, the site valuation of more than $500 million. read more

The amount of cooperation of tens of millions of employees said that during the Olympic Games to hav

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According to the

called anonymous 360 security guards staff claimed that 360 security guards during the Olympics will be a lot of push pop. These pop is a portal and domestic cooperation. The cost of paying more than 8 digits. The following is the staff broke the news:

360 security guards general manager Fu Sheng to resign, the relevant R & D personnel or to leave, or to make a transition to pop, here are 360 security guards of the R & D personnel anonymous articles published:

360 can be reduced to rogue software for money, I can not sleep. read more

Joint rumor sites in Beijing platform global real time search revision

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morning news (reporter Liu Yang) "joint rumor sites in Beijing platform opened again two weeks after the revision, the increased global real-time search function, users can just enter the keyword search query rumors. Yesterday morning, the capital of the Internet society news review Specialized Committee held, Beijing Internet rumor platform has publicized the 100 thousand rumors and fishing website information.

user login joint rumor sites in Beijing platform (py.qianlong.com), on the right side of the page above the new emergence of a rumor exposure table search box, if doubt on a piece of information in the information, can randomly select a keyword input dialog box, press the search button, the rumor platform is all the information related to the rumor it will be displayed in the search results. If you determine the query information for rumors, you can set up a variety of reporting on the platform to report directly to the rumor. read more