The seven most confidential weapons of Robin Li’s career borrow money and keep passion when you don’

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second trick: promise less, cash more

regardless of the traditional commercial behavior or e-commerce as the core of network business behavior, profit is an established premise. For new network entrepreneurship, profit or profit is expected to have important implications for the ongoing entrepreneurial drive, and for the larger economic pressure and even borrowing to get money to start a business student, it has a great practical significance to profit. However, in reality, only a small number of students can make profit in the online business activities. This involves many factors, such as personal endowments and individual differences, entrepreneurial resources that can be deployed, school guidance and government support, and the local economic environment and entrepreneurial climate. Many scholars have carried on the macroscopic analysis to these factors, but at present the domestic lacks to the network commercial behavior profit pattern inquisition, but this kind of microscopic concrete research has the practical significance to instruct the student to start an undertaking. read more

By optimizing the website how do earn 4283 yuan per monthKeywords Jinhua tool keyword analysis to

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      if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at any time;         toll free hotline: 400-655-1955

also do not often change, so the search engine will be boring.


only needs to do simple optimizations, and the search engine can bring you a lot of traffic every day without having to do more. Therefore, if you want to make money Taobao customers, you need to know how to optimize.

if you want to do optimization, the first thing to do is to increase the site of the company. Only a rich site of the company can guarantee that the site has been fully included. If for some special cases, the site does not have a word even so much, such as your site is flash, even outside of the search engine is not detected, so as to do a site map, to increase website even. Of course, I am not very recommend you use flash website, it is not conducive to optimization, although very beautiful. read more

Capital market winter then the spring of capital is not far awayFailure to start a business fails

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· overestimates the amount of time money can use

of course, if you open a small shop, maybe not, but "small money, small things, big money, big things" is a natural practice for everyone.

in the current tide of entrepreneurship, should understand that it is not just the accumulation of entrepreneurial projects from scratch, 90 entrepreneurs are probably more than half because of interest and hobby business, their home may not bad money; and as Haier and other large enterprises are encouraged to intrapreneurship, even magazines from the "entrepreneurs" under the banner of the black horse I asked the community project is also the internal two venture. Relatively speaking, young entrepreneurs is probably through personal preferences, there is not much utilitarian sense, in the enterprise business is part of the internal operation of enterprises and enterprise itself from the level of capital operation. The two kind of entrepreneurship is the current mainstream of the field of entrepreneurship, many entrepreneurial projects and investment in the current view, may be the influx of hot money to bubble early signs, no symptoms of winter flatly, the project is still constantly emerging, and even the angel capital A round B round has been put into. read more

Programmers open Taobao Stores Novice promotion articlesFuture trends of Taobao customer promotion

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for small guest, they less investment, promotion of the soul, can earn several hundred dollars a month, also feel pretty good, and with perfect guest promotion products, as long as the effort has its own characteristics, to achieve this goal is not difficult, including the present, it is not very difficult. So, I feel the future, small Tao guest promotion, will be towards the essence and special direction.

is the beginning of your micro-blog is certainly not what people are concerned, you can query to a certain keyword, the keyword, add your micro-blog store or links, remember not to have too much advertising, or micro-blog is not to send the. Jack Bauer from micro-blog mining to 2 customer transactions, I search keywords is "buy the Hong Kong Version," United States "for the Hong Kong version Meisu" and so on, release the content of the mothers who are more anxious, were most likely. After making the keyword, I’m going to make it a tool to automatically comment on these micro-blog! read more

Couplet Mark about the Spring Festival holiday notification and commission application times it sha

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thank you!

January 25th to February 14th Commission, you can apply in February 16th, please forgive me,

our project is to subvert the advertising model, our website is not to make money by selling advertising. These are, "…… I saw and heard some projects more recently described, especially the Web2.0 website.

since the ad appeared, the advertisement is always the most profitable way of life, whether online or offline, you will never get a copy of the newspaper, said not to advertising income? That being the case, the Internet can not be divorced from advertising, and the Internet advertising has become increasingly fierce, and even in online games will also appear "master Tea House" such advertising.

Although the

read more

Fifth horizons 08 years in January second weeks to pay detailsHow did choose the nternet

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can’t play that high, either. When I have a train of thought, I will go ahead and do it. Even if I don’t sleep or eat today, I will finish the task today. Remember to earn eight hundred dollars for the first time, it was an ad. At that time, I was doing a game website,


is very hot legend, ha ha, I remember very clearly. Shanda Sina server, played 37 fighters. Well, at that time, this equipment was rarely taken in our service, and I spent RMB2500

was very interested in making money, because the account lost, I think I lost a lot of money, I will come to you, and I think the time is wasted has no meaning in the game, playing online games is not making money on the internet. Time tries no man, read more

Live video force Tencent to push all the moneyThe latest ad alliance news click ads 7 times

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latest news < dazzle advertising alliance > all picture ads 0.07 yuan / click, accurate statistics, the company’s strength, over 100 yuan apply for payment!

Author: Lin rokkyo

tourbillion advertising supported by modern science and technology, standardized management as a means to high-quality personnel for the foundation, to provide perfect service for customers. The rapid development of the Union since its inception, and now owns a number of high performance servers, and has a group of experienced technical development personnel with information perfect management and customer service management system, with strong technical strength and economic strength, have enough ability to perform every customer service commitment. read more

The convenience store O2O really is a dead end Dare to try all the chips shopReflect on the site but

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1, in the address of the shop where the recruitment of investors, recruitment of 200 people, 3000 yuan per person. Specific data can be adjusted according to cost, need to protect the passenger flow of patronage inn.

2, investors shopping with app payment, in order to statistics the investor shopping situation, with the investor invitation code registration and shopping customers, also calculate the amount of money the buyer purchases.

the idea of raising all the convenience stores is as follows: read more

Lei Jun Angels like to buy lottery tickets in most cases are lostEntrepreneurship is the best way to

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this originally achievement little girl, once inadvertently discovered through space to sell a personalized product for peers, earned tens of thousands of blocks, decided not to study, do business after 95 electricity supplier.

A bit like Liuhe

let people feel that the world is in the hands of these young and ignorant child.

"angel investment rules of the game, you bet on 1 million, 2 million, has the chance to earn 10 million, but most of all. The core is like friends out of the country, support your business, most of them can not be, but if it is, the result is far beyond imagination." Lei Jun said that his investment in 2007, UCweb earned thousands of times. read more

Game chips raised wave of attack hand travel projects raised public dilemma should be how to breakH

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again, the current popular Taobao guest, that is, build a website, and then promote the goods on Taobao, as long as customers through your website link into Taobao, buy goods, you can get a commission. The principle is simple, but many new people join in enthusiastically and want to get income from it. But a lot of times are counterproductive, do not always think that the sky will drop pie.

if you operate a PTC click on the project, although it is free to join, do not need to invest money, but you also need time to every point of advertising, this means your capital is time, is your energy. This risk is relatively large, new people do not think that after joining the tutorial to see, find more than a few PTC stations, adhere to click ads every day will be able to make money, do not underestimate its risk. How many people are blind to the operation of many PTC projects, the result is nothing, but also a waste of time and energy, because now many are liars click station station, collect money, to remind the novice to join click Wangzhuan must be careful, be sure to find a strong stand good reputation is guaranteed. read more

No website can apply for shlf1314 Adsense accountStanding in the air starting an undertaking 3 nter

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application method

big country, small to an industry, because of obscure details, the formation of the late butterfly effect. Looking at the Internet industry, every leading enterprise in the mature industry is deeply branded by the founder, and has formed a huge influence on the whole industry. Borrow "sword" in a speech: the army’s first chief, gave an army unique temperament.

The principle of

"P2P net loan" platform in China’s first rise in 2007, in 2011 into the rapid development period, the number of national network lending platform soared to more than 2000 in 2012, more active more than 400. After entering 2013, the number of net lending platform is still an average of 1-2 per day on-line rapid growth rate. According to the third party statistics show that in April this year, included in the statistical range of 430 furniture representative P2P net loan platform, the total volume of about 11 billion 200 million yuan. read more

The traditional service industry is facing disaster Segments of O2O startups hitTaobao bear child e

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for Wang Yanyun, doing children’s clothing is not only a business, but also to create content, convey lifestyle. Entrepreneurship 8 years, 3 children, she kept watching the children, and children grow up together. "How can parents dress their children today? What do children need? How can they dress to develop their aesthetic taste?"

brothers, sisters, tee and climbing suits become "

powder board child product founder Wang Yanyun

had the most enviable life, past time fashion editor, Wang Yanyun often high-heeled shoes, take a plane to see the show, the world interview celebrities, this is her home in the "easy mode"; in 2009, when her daughter was born, Wang Yanyun was a "click", to switch into life the "hard mode" roll up their sleeves in the world order, looking for fabric, she opened the shop in the Taobao children, also called themselves "small boss", "small shopkeeper". read more

Hu Yilin cattle electric technology why don’t we do share the electric carTumblr’s success it’s an i

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YAHOO bought Tumblr for $1 billion 100 million, and many thought it was a gamble. However, I am convinced that the value of Interest Graphs is, in my opinion, that this acquisition is simply making a profit.

many APP, which grew on parasitic social networks, when the social network cut off the channel, these APP fell to the bottom, because the content of these APP is not worth enough, leaving users. Tumblr is different, it has accumulated a lot of valuable content before the rapid development. read more

Ownership of public accounts

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in addition to expressing his views as much as possible, the name of the public account also has some personal color.

"start-up nation" magazine Wen / Wei Wu Yao


Wei Wu Bo: new media observer, lecturer, School of media and design, Shanghai Jiaotong University,

‘s media people engage in a public account in his spare time, IT media have more people because of waterside pavilion. The reason why I put a quote in my spare time is that it takes time to play with the public accounts. The more subscribers, the more time consuming, and the two words from the energy, the time, the amateur, really want to quote. read more

How to choose the publishing platform of the soft text according to the propaganda purpose

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the day before yesterday in A5 see a friend about a promotion of a new website article he, what seems to be the theme for a Charioteer, thematic forum is the female, writing is very professional, is standing on a reporter’s identity to write, not discuss the authenticity of the article, but from this publishing platform is not very appropriate, if the aim is only to an external link, it is no ground for blame. The following heartbreaking talk about how to choose their own propaganda platform for the release of soft text. read more

Expose a webmaster hair soft trick learn its soft text technique

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wrote the main purpose of this article is to reveal some webmaster issued some "soft" article. The main reason is that I began to feel very good article, is carefully read, but a closer look, the competition is "soft"! Another purpose, I really admire the webmaster, although do not know who, but really high technique.

first about the general events. I often go to the three station is: Admin5, Chinaz, im286, today when the Chinaz forum to see an article titled: C2C and the market started, the browser market also began to rush, a look behind the " is to write a recent Taobao event, the browser market also began to rush; " specific is not clear what open look. It turned out that Microsoft executives accused Google’s new Chrome browser of using Microsoft software source code. After reading it, I smiled. The stationmaster estimates that his education is poor. Obviously there is a typo in the title: "the C2C market and started the" normal writing should be: "C2C market fighting started when I back to the post second look at this article. I found one trick, the beginning of the first sentence is this: these days because of the wind and rain into full " Taobao Baidu " seal; events directly ignited a massive market door apartment layout Gundam C2C website, and I see in the online news today is found here "and" the dirt two the word is actually a connection, and point to the to open a 887 and what I can only see light suddenly: originally this is a soft, it seems that this world is really not the soft. My heart is very angry + depressed. But think again, this stationmaster is really tall. read more

Break through the traditional station atmosphere of China

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more words. Personal ideas, text expression is clumsy, including.

in the webmaster group talked about two topics "break the traditional Chinese webmaster trading market" and "to do a website." "break the traditional China webmaster trading market" perhaps this is our class these small webmaster no capital to talk about. Because there are many giant portals. They lead, the Internet affects China heart


this topic, many people actually have this idea expressed in their hearts, but not many people raised, or not many people concerned about. read more

Watercress how to use 200 million influence fun fun social

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shortly before I found an article entitled "how to make marketing interest in Douban, 200 million users and 200 brands of the accidentaly across?" asked me to have been called Chinese slow Internet enterprise bean is very interested in, but has yet to have the opportunity to write articles for some of their Douban views share out, I will put some views about watercress and communicate with you.

as of September 2013, watercress registered users reached 75 million, covering 200 million monthly independent users, the average daily PV more than 200 million. Watercress last year when the line, watercress commercial aroused heated debate in the industry. The watercress high interest marketing banner, watercress once again attracted public attention. Perhaps the interest marketing based on interest and the development of commercial bean and bean by this trick, interest interest in social interaction and active users do not conflict. Small Qian wrote the first draft of the new year "are faded unfamiliar street about gun shell, wearing new clothes Ali pay", has been paying close attention to the social field, so I want to bean using some of the existing resources and advantages, play social interest and give advice and suggestions. read more

Operating a lot of stationery shop decoration tips how much you know

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now, a variety of new projects continue to emerge, which will undoubtedly bring more choices for people. Of course, many people still prefer small investment. Stationery store is a lot of people choose to join, but also need to pay attention to the details of the decoration store a lot of details, the following are some simple decoration skills.

The decoration design of the spatial pattern of

Three space read more

Research and analysis of tourism websites development status of tourism websites

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predicts that by 2020, China will become the world’s largest tourist country, and by then, 10% of the tourism market will come from the internet. As the latest model of commodity transaction in the era of Internet economy, the transaction process of electronic commerce should be completed completely in the virtual environment. However, the overall development level of China’s tourism websites is not very high, and the construction of tourism websites is more for the simple display of the information of tourism enterprises, and the real e-commerce has not been realized. read more