Abelardo: “In Espanyol we have had ten cases of coronavirus”

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first_imgConfined to his home in Gijón with his partner and their two children, Abelardo Fernández showed his closest side this Sunday, his feelings about a pandemic of which the Espanyol squad has not been oblivious, to which he commands from the bench. Speaking to ‘Playtime’ (Cope), the parakeet trainer revealed that there have not been six positives in COVID-19, as officially reported, if not more.“At Espanyol we have had ten cases, eight from players and two from the coaching staff who have had coronaviruses“The technician related quite naturally. For this reason, he reflected shamelessly: “We spent two days together, living together (in Navata, Girona). Y they say that maybe we have been able to pass several asymptomatic. I have not seen my parents or my grandmother (89 years old) with fear of being able to infect them ”, she confessed.On the outcome of LaLiga, with Espanyol bottom before the break, the coach admitted that “selfishly I would ask that it be useless. But what I want is to play. Despite the fact that in our situation it would be advantageous to say that there is no more play and that Espanyol did not descend, we all want to play. But I don’t think anything about it because the situation is so harsh that what we should least care about is soccer, ”he added. He also recalled that “if the game is played again, with some guarantees, that the health of the players is not at risk. It is going to be a strange thing, the players are training at home, most of them live in an apartment ”.Abelardo also explained that this Sunday he dedicated it “to calling the players one by one. I still have one left and I’ll call tomorrow. Every Monday we meet by videoconference players and coaching staff, and other twice a week I meet with the technical staff, “he specified.In his days of confinement, he commented that he was watching “quite a lot of football, from Espanyol, this weekend I have swallowed the fourth season of ‘La casa de papel’ and i’m reading me a book by John Grisham, ‘The inheritance’, because I really like this author. And I’m enjoying my children, doing house chores… A little bit of everything ”, he listed.Abelardo related how, after suspending his stay in Navata, He traveled by road to Gijón with Tomás Hervás and Iñaki Tejada. “We went by car, not to take the plane because of the risk of getting infected. I came with the clothes for the weekend because on Monday we were going to train in theory, ”he assured.“What you are least thinking about right now is soccer,” he said. And he stated: “I, who am not much to give hugs to friends, or to say I love you to my father or my mother, now I want to do it. I really value the day, feel it, be lucky to continue here. ”last_img

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